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Tennessee Outdoor Furnaces — The Home of the HOSS

Dedicated to Building Quality Biomass Fueled, American Made Outdoor Furnaces. 

“We are committed to building the best performing and most durable unit on the market.” – Terry York, President. 

From the materials we use to the production process we utilize, every aspect of Tennessee Outdoor Furnaces is devoted to creating the best possible outdoor furnace available on the market. With a lifetime warranty available, customers appreciate not only the extreme quality of our industrial grade coal furnace – wood fired, but also the elite level of customer service provided by Tennessee Outdoor Furnaces.

Shipping Available

In addition to dedicating our manufacturing processes to top quality, our shipping services are also handled with care. This means that we take the extra steps necessary to guarantee that your HOSS heater arrives in the same condition as it was approved in. The HOSS you receive is the same outdoor furnace inspected and approved by our meticulous team of American workers.

American Made with American Workers

From the type of steel we use in constructing your outdoor furnace to the individuals we employ, Tennessee Outdoor Furnaces is committed to our country. Your outdoor furnace will be built by Americans who take pride in their craft and workmanship.

Customer Testimonials

“I have had my HOSS 500 over a year now. I love it!!!!! I had another NAME brand at my previous house, but the HOSS is hands down a MUCH better product in so many ways. If it is wood, the HOSS will burn it wet, dry, seasoned, green-- it burns it all. The ashes come out POWDER not big chunks of unburned coals. Less smoke than the other brand also. Much easier to clean the ashes out and provides HOT water for the house. My wife can turn on the dishwasher, clothes washing machine, and get in the shower, while one of the kids are in the other shower all at the SAME time and NEVER run out of hot water. This alone was worth buying the HOSS 500. Thanks to the service and dedication shown to me by Jerry Warren when I bought my heater, these guys know their business, when it comes to keeping your home warm and plenty of hot water. I will never own any other brand heater than the HOSS ever again. I looked at them all before I bought mine, and this is the one to buy.” – Jimmy Rhodes

“Looked for over 2 years before deciding on the HOSS 400, best purchase I ever made” – Hayden Powers

“After much research we purchased the Hoss 300 and put it 150 feet away from the house. We have a 3500 square foot home with tall ceilings and we can keep the house as warm as we want to keep it and all the hot water we can use as well. We spend less than 10 minutes a day loading the furnace once in the morning and once at night. No mess in the house like a wood burning insert. Jerry and Terry brought the furnace out to the house and set it on a pre-poured concrete pad that they made and brought with them. We did the rest of the install ourselves. Jerry was there to answer our questions and give us advise on the install. We were pleased with the level of support that we received from Jerry and Terry after the sale and would recommend them to anyone that is in need of a furnace. This furnace is well made, priced well, and their customer service is great. One other note: We put 100 gallons of propane in the propane tank at the start of the winter season and have yet to turn on the propane furnace one time. (just a great backup now) Also no hot water on the electric bill. This furnace will pay for itself in no time at all.” – Mark and Sandra Silver

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